If you need to create a Follow-up, you can do this within your Dashboard.

To create a new Follow-up

  1. Either, go to your Gmail inbox > Compose > Select Follow-up> Manage Follow-ups and follow the below step.
  2. Or, head into your Salescurve Select Templates on left hand navigation > Add a Sequence Name > select Add > From here you can create a sequence of follow-up emails with customized content in each email. Remember to:

- Set each email follow-up to a different day in sequential orde

- Select AM / PM for each email.

- Set if you want it Weekdays only

- Fill in the Subject of each email

- Use the @FirstName and @LastName fields to personalize your content.

- Set the timezone within your Account Settings page. AM and PM settings will then be sent according to your local time zone.